Printables FAQ

What are printables?

A printable is a ready to print PDF file that can be downloaded for a small fee or for free. This file can be printed instantly at home or with a professional print shop or online printer. Every printable is formatted to print on an 8.5 x 11 inch / A4 size sheet of paper. Printables are fast and cost-efficient, they can be printed over and over again for personal use.

How do printables work?

Download your printable. Save the PDF onto your computer. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader (download for free if you don't have it). Print the PDF.

Will I receive any physical items in the mail?

When you download a printable PDF, you'll not receive any items by mail.

I'm having some technical difficulties, can you help?

Sorry to hear that! Please make sure to contact us if you are having issues with your file. We are more than happy to help!

I can't save my editable printable, what's wrong?

Most probably you didn't open your printable in Adobe Acrobat. If you double-clicked on the PDF file, it often opens in your web browser or in preview, this doesn't let you save. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have this program, you can download it for free on the Adobe site.

What type of printables do you offer?

We offer un-editable and editable printables: Un-editable printables can only be printed exactly as shown on the product image. Editable printables allow you to type out your own wording in the blank fields. Please note that the colors and graphic elements can not be personalized in any of our printables.

How do I edit and personalize my printable?

Personalizing your printable is only possible if the product description includes 'editable': 1. Save the PDF file onto your computer. 2. Right-click on the file and open it with Adobe Acrobat. If you do not already have this program, download it for free at Using other programs may cause issues typing your wording and saving the file, it could also alter the design and colors. 3. Click Edit PDF and type your wording in the blank fields in this file. 4. When you've finished typing your wording, save your PDF file and name it.

Can I save the changes to my printables?

Sure thing! When you've finished typing your wording in your editable printable, save your PDF file and name it.

Can I change the colors or design elements in the printable? Can I add an image into the printable?

The colors, fonts, and size of our printables can not be changed. Unfortunately, it's not possible to add an image, photo or your own logo into the printable.

Can you make the design different for me? Do you take custom orders or design projects?

At this moment in time, we are not offering custom orders or design projects. If you have an idea or suggestions that you would like to share, please contact us.

Can I use my home printer?

Yes, you can use your home printer to print our printables instantly. Please note that a color printer is required for all colored printables, otherwise your printable will print out black & white.

What size and type of paper should I use to print my printables?

Every printable is formatted to print on an 8.5 x 11 inch / A4 size sheet of paper. Check what the maximum paper thickness is for your printer model, this can be found in your printer manual. Be aware: paper that’s too thick could jam and damage print heads. We recommend using a matte photo stock or a white card stock.

How should I cut the printables to size?

There are several ways to cut your printables. You can use a good pair of scissors, a paper cutter or an X-acto knife, ruler and cutting mat.

Should I print on my own or print at a local print shop?

This depends on the quality of your own printer, how many items you're looking to print, does the printable use a lot of ink (for example chalkboard designs). If you're able to print on your own, we recommend trying this first. Printing on your own is great for small quantities. However, if you're looking to print a higher quantity, higher quality, or want additional items (binding, folders, etc) then outsourcing this to a printer is a good call. Things to keep in mind when printing at your local print shop: Print shops offer many types of papers and cardstocks. Ask to see one item printed to make sure the colors and materials are to your liking.

What supplies do I need to print my printables?

If you'd like to print your own printables, you'll need a color printer, paper, and card stock.

Do I need any software to print my design?

Yes, you'll need a free program Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this program, download it for free at Using other programs could alter the design and colors, it may also cause issues typing your wording and saving the file.

Can I feature your printables on my Blog/Website?

That would be great! Feel free to feature our printables on your blog or website and include links to our product pages or tutorials. It's not allowed to share the actual PDF file, or link directly to our PDF. Please always tag @blissandblume.